The Cheesemaking Workshop

The Cheesemaking Workshop is a family based business of artisan cheese makers that take pride in taking the mystery out of making cheese. We break it down into something so simple, that even the most unexperienced in the kitchen will have no trouble producing your own home made cheese without any fuss or bother.

Located in our central retail area above The Candy Kitchen, the team offers a bunch fantastic courses, workshops, corporate a team building activities and of course a tasty selection of cheese and cheese making products. Be sure to pop in for a chat and to endulge in a little tasting!

Open from 9AM - 5PM 7 days a week except Christmas day

1hr Workshops run daily

Please visit The Cheesemaking Workshop for bookings and more information

Ph. 02 6600 1697


Have you ever wanted to learn more about the complexity of cheese, how regional and seasonal diversity effect the delicate balance of flavours in cheese? Our monthly cheese club will be offering a selection of 4 or more cheeses in peak condition ready for you to pick up from the first Tuesday of each month.  Your monthly selection of cheese will be accompanied by tasting notes and condiments that offer a pleasurable education experience that you can share with family and friends.

We all know that wine and cheese go together, now think about pairing cheese with chocolate, nuts or beer, there are so many options! On the first Tuesday of each month, for club members only, we will be opening our doors between 5.30 and 6.30pm for a social and education evening. You will learn to discover and understand your cheeses intriguing flavours these will be paired with a variety of produce for enjoyment. Also, a 10% discount on any purchases store wide made during the evening (excludes workshops, Cheesemaking kits and Cheesemaking equipment).

The cost of your cheese club membership is $55 per month.

To join simply go our web site and follow the link or stop by our store at The Big Banana Fun Park