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Village Building Co – Creating Values Connecting Communities

Since 1988 we have built more than 18,300 dwellings, but it’s so much more than that. We have been creating communities where people live, work, laugh, play and simply spend quality time together. We’re looking forward to the next 30 years of connecting people.

The village aims to develop thriving, sustainable communities not only for today but for the enjoyment of future generations. They continually seek to deliver quality, well-planned, highly liveable and environmentally responsible communities whilst meeting market demand for a mix of housing types in the growth corridors along the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

Originally commencing operations in Canberra, Village works across the full spectrum of development including land, house and land, apartments and mixed-use developments. The village has produced and committed to 18,906 dwellings and $3.6 billion in sales revenue and has development projects underway in Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Brisbane.

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